Refusal to refer.


Tournament Regulations
Team video referral
4.1 a
team referrals will be restricted to decisions within the 23 metre areas relating to the
award (or non-award) of goals, penalty strokes and penalty corners and, during a shoot-out competition, whether a shoot-out should be re-taken. The award of personal penalty cards may not be the subject of a team referral;

A great deal of fuss and unpleasantness – as well as delay to the game – would have been avoided if the players and the involved umpire knew that a corner award could not be the subject of a video referral.

But why is (now the award of a free ball to the attacking side on the 23m line) excluded from the available referral process – even if what leads to it occurs in the circle? Is it not an incident within the 23m area which is easily got wrong ?

The Spanish team were bewildered when they got no answer to the question “Why can’t we have a video referral?”  The umpire pretended it was because the request was out of time – did he know no better?

The same as occurred in this incident, two years later, which also caused some unpleasantness, but no shoving of a player by Blasch this time. :-



In the incident in the game against Belgium the decision by Blasch was wrong –

Terminology. Shot at goal
The action of an attacker attempting to score by playing the ball towards the goal from within the circle.
The ball may miss the goal but the action is still a “ shot at goal ” if the player’s intention is to score with a shot directed towards the goal.

and I don’t believe either that it took more than twenty seconds for the Spanish team to realise a goal had not been awarded and ask for referral – the reason given for refusal to refer. The correct ‘T’ signal was not used but only an unreasonable pedant would insist upon that in the circumstances. Blasch himself should have referred his own decision.

The Spanish team must have had a feeling of déjà vu or “Here we go again”. 

The other people who demonstrated that they are without Rule knowledge were the commentators, so in that respect they were like most television soccer ‘pundits’.




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